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About Moi

Kateastrophe isn’t my real name, in case you haven’t guessed. My parents were mean (in a normal parent sort of way) but they weren’t stupid! No, no, Kateastrophe is a nickname, given not really to me but to events caused BY me. Events which are . . . less than desirable and in most cases, end up causing myself or other around me to be covered in something messy.

I was born in Denver, Colorado, raised mostly in Provo, Utah where I attended elementary, high school and college (Go Cougars!) . Provo is also where I met my future husband. Naturally, as things go in my life, he had just moved FROM Provo to Phoenix but I guess I sorta liked him because nine months and bazillion dollar cell phone bills later, I moved to Phoenix to see if he was “THE ONE.”

As luck would have it, he is “THE ONE” and now we, together make up “THE US” and we are happy and joyfully married in a boring “I work all the time who is that man sleeping in my bed oh that’s my hot husband I forgot” sort of way. Not really, but sort of. At least on crazy busy weeks.

I have literally the most amazing group of women I get to call my best friends and you will find many stories of them here on my bloggy-blog. Without them my life would have been an empty, boring shell of nerdiness. Now I’m a shell full of sassy fashion advice, hysterical commentary, cute shoes I bought on sale and a little bit of nerdiness. They cured me of most of the nerdiness.

I was a Music Theatre major in college because . . . I thought I’d waste a lot of time and my parents money on an education I might never use. Well not all the way. But you know what I mean. Despite what some might call a “pointless college major” I probably had more fun in college than most people put together and I still managed to get a decent job and have some semblance of a career. And I do use my education when I sing in the privacy of my own car. I like to think I’m the star of my own personal musical there. It’s really very good.

I now work in Sales and Marketing for an Internet Commerce Company. See the connection? Singing . . . Sales and Marketing. Acting and Singing . . . Sales and Marketing. If you squint your eyes and shake your head really fast you’ll see the connection, I swear.

I have no pets and no children. Right now I’m struggling to keep my two unkillable species of plants alive, so I didn’t think it was a good idea to introduce something with a hearbeat quite yet. Matty-pooh and I DO plan to have both children AND pets (well, pet, SINGULAR) we’re just not exactly sure when. For now I am completely happy to swoon over my psuedo nieces and nephews, courtesy of my lady friends.

I started my blog a little over a year ago and this is it’s THIRD version. It started as more of a “hi friends and family, how are you?” sort of thing and then I stumbled upon some famous blogger people and remember that I actually like writing. Also, I think my life thus far has been entertaining enough to interest at least five or six people, so I expanded my horizons and now I consider myself a real part of the female blogging world. I’m loving making virtual friends and getting a peek into interesting people’s lives. My real life BFF Brillig and I co-host Soap Opera Sunday and it’s currently my favorite part of blogging. Because who doesn’t love a bit of teenage angst, trauma, drama, etc. etc. etc.

*pant, pant* Wow, so I think I should be done now. *gasping for air* Thanks for reading and hope you stick around!

ciao bella!