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Yet Another Post Lost to Placenta Brain

February 21st, 2012 by Kateastrophe

Ohmagosh.  I wrote a whole long AWESOME post today and then my computer battery ran out (known risk of being too lazy to get up from the couch, I suppose) and I lost the whole thing.  Ugh.

To summarize:

I’m still pregnant and writing about it over yonder at my baby blog and will attempt to keep this blog about more than things related to my uterus.  I realize the last 20 months prove I’m not good at that, but I promise, I’ll try.  As a quick update for those of you who don’t want to take the time to click over (I know, so hard on that clicker finger) baby and I are doing great.  18 weeks yesterday and still not showing though I feel like I have a gut bomb at all times.  We have an ultrasound on Thursday which should confirm whether or not it’s actually a boy (pretty sure it is).  Other than that, nothing to report.  I can’t complain at all though I do wish I’d start showing because I think at that point it feels more real?  Hum.  Either way I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll live to regret that sentence and ever thinking that I couldn’t wait to show.

Watson is the coolest puppy ever despite the fact that he just peed on the carpet right next to the door to go outside…where I was standing asking him to come pee.  All signs point to this being one stubborn dog, y’all.  But stubborn I can handle because he’s cute and he hardly makes a noise, loves people, loves me the MOST and is finally starting to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time.  Some nights.  Matt and I realize we are spoiling him rotten but we just love him to death and it’s hard not to when he looks like THIS in a sweater (that he HATES).  I mean REALLY.  And that crooked ear kills me.  We wish it wasn’t crooked and we’re working on getting the blister that’s causing it taken care of for the third time but seriously?  SO awesome. (And yes, I’m becoming that annoying dog owner. I get it, I’m lame. I’ve accepted it.)

Let’s see… I went to Florida (Tampa and Siesta Key/Sarasota to be specific) to help my former/current/it’s complicated boss find a place to live for a new super sweet job he took.  We found a great place with a great view but I’m not sure it’s going to work out, which is lame, but he and his daughter who came along were able to see options and we ate some amazing lobster in the process.  I also got to see my amazing friend Angie who has a sweet little baby girl named June who I hadn’t met yet.  We had a great night catching up before I had to head down the coast.  It was a quick trip and I’ve been exhausted ever since but it was worth it.

Work for me has slowed down a little which I actually don’t mind much because I’ve been really tired, but it looks like it’s picking back up and I might have two additional companies asking for my help in the next little bit, so that will be nice and help us pay off the last little bit of my car and hopefully most of Matt’s before baby comes roaring into our lives.  Matt is busy as usual, especially right now.  The beginning of the year is extra crazy for him and his team but luckily, it doesn’t usually mean a ton of extra hours so most nights he’s home for dinner and we get to hang out.

That about sums it up.  I swear my other post was much more entertaining and witty.  It’s late enough in the day that I’m almost incoherent.  I always thought placenta brain was a myth.  Trust me, it’s so not.  I swear I get dumber and less interesting every day.  At least my boobs are getting bigger so I’ve always got that going for me, right?


2 Responses to “Yet Another Post Lost to Placenta Brain”

  1. Angela Noelle Says:

    I feel like bigger boobs make up for pretty much everything. I’m glad you had a good trip to FL and June is one of the cutest names ever!

  2. katelin Says:

    eee what a cute puppeh! lurve it. also yay for FL and baby things, wee!

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