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A Trip Down Blogory Lane

January 30th, 2012 by Kateastrophe

Today I was reminiscing about the days when I used to have tons to blog about and tons of comments.  It’s completely my fault that all went away but today I realized I miss it!  I have made SO many cool friends blogging over the years and sometimes when I think back to when I actually “met” them, I can’t believe how much time has passed!

For example, back when I first met Molly, she wasn’t even engaged, let alone married with a baby and #2 on the way!!  And Angela was still living in Seattle and had only been married like, a year.  Now she and Colby are moving to Germany, doing In Vitro next month (sticky baby dust your way, love!) and coming up on their fifth anniversary!  My real life best friend Anne aka Brillig who was my partner in Soap Opera Sunday crime (yeah, I never did finish that one loooooooooong story.  Sorry guys.) doesn’t even HAVE a blog anymore.  I never thought the day would come!   Luisa had a baby who is now almost FOUR!!! There are tons more I want to name but it would seriously take me all day.  Lots of love and marriage and babies and new jobs and big changes and so maybe great people I’ve met.  I love that part of blogging.

And then there’s my life.  Since I started blogging waaaaaayyy back in 2006, just the day after our first anniversary, Matt and I have done and been through and experienced SO MUCH!  I’m going to bullet this list because HOLY CRAP there’s a lot!

  • Celebrated five (soon to be six) more anniversaries
  • Built a house
  • Sold a house (gross)
  • Moved (gross)
  • Yearly family vacations to the sand dunes
  • Yearly (AMAZING) girls trips
  • Losses of friends (sad)
  • My introduction to fine dining and subsequent food snobbery
  • A trip to China
  • A trip to Puerto Vallarta
  • Countless trips to California with a couple Disneyland trips thrown in
  • One job change and two promotions for Matt
  • A huge promotion, a company acquisition, two job changes, a job loss and a contracting job for me
  • A lead role in two musicals
  • Starting to teach voice lessons
  • A girls trip to Disneyworld
  • Acquired a new sister (technically sister-in-law but who needs to get technical!?  She’s my SISTER!)
  • The birth of NUMEROUS babies to my besties (I’m trying to count.  I think it’s something like 12?)
  • Three pregnancies and subsequent miscarriages (boo)
  • A new puppy!

I’m sure there’s a ton more given the plethora of posts between my three (!!) blog versions.  In spite of some downer moments, the last six years have been really good to me.  I’m pretty glad I started a blog because I’ll always have that fun stuff to look back on, and hopefully there’s years more to come!  Maybe at some point I’ll even get interesting again and return to my former blogging glory!!  Not likely, but I guess one never knows.

Thanks to those of you who  still read.  I know from my stats that there’s more of you than the comments show and I appreciate you coming back to make me feel like I’m at least a little bit interesting! I’ll try to step it up this year and see if I can make it worth your while!

4 Responses to “A Trip Down Blogory Lane”

  1. katelin Says:

    even though we’ve never met i feel like i know you! i’ve been reading your blog so long it’s crazy! and hope this year is a lot more magical and awesome milestones to add to that blog round up :)

  2. Jill Says:

    I think you’re interesting. And beau-ty-ful!

  3. Goofball Says:

    I still read!! Maybe a bit more in silence, but I still keep track on how you are doing.

    Gosh Soap Opera Sunday, those were the days. I loved that. You always left us with such huge cliffhangers!

  4. Molly Says:

    I have visions of going out west and visiting you. For serious. We have family in Arizona and if we can ever get all of us on a plane (Mike hates to fly) it is HAPPENING. For the record, no one comments on my blog anymore either. At this point I’m using it more as a joural, I think, so I can remember these moments that pass so quickly.

    But! I’m still reading (though commenting badly) and I can’t wait to read about all your upcoming, wonderful adventures :)

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