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The Puppeh Has Landed

January 20th, 2012 by Kateastrophe

So…owning a puppy.  It’s a love/hate/love/hate/love/love thing.  He is so freaking cute I want to carry him around in my pocket all the time, and quite frankly he’s small enough and loves the attention enough he probably wouldn’t mind one single bit.

We named him Dr. Watson and call him just Watson.  I think it will fit his personality as he grows up really well.  He’s so young he does all the normal puppy stuff but he’s showing signs of being loving, loyal and super duper feisty and stubborn.  Our first vet visit went great.  He weighs a whopping 2.72 lbs and other than the infected bite on his ear (courtesy of a feisty sibling the day before we picked him up) which is causing the ear to curl back instead of pointing up, he’s a healthy little guy.  He eats well, though I’ll be changing his food soon due to the fact that most dog normal dog food is made mostly of animal by-products and corn, both things that aren’t so good for him, or really any dog for that matter.  {Stepping down from soapbox now}

As I said, he’s oh so snuggly.  From the moment we got him in the car to bring him home he snuggled up in his blanked (courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Murphy, aka Matt’s parents) and went to sleep.  As soon as we were home he explored a little bit and then climbed onto me, nuzzled into my neck and went back to sleep.  So there’s that amazingly lovable side of him.

Then there’s his stubborn, snotty side that will look at me, run into his crate and pee, just to show me that while MOST dogs refuse to pee where they sleep, he is the exception to the rule and he’ll pee wherever he wants, thank you very much.  It shows up other places too.  For the first few days he couldn’t get inside fast enough after his bathroom break.  Yesterday, he discovered sun patches.  He was outside for almost an hour yesterday, absolutely refusing to come inside (without force) and just hanging out in the sun.  He discovered the same sun patches in the (before now) never explored living/dining room.  Now it’s his favorite place to go hang out on the warm carpet.  I’d let him stay there forever except for the fact that I find him sneaking off to mess up my carpet every time I turn my head.

As for the feisty side, it usually shows up at play time and is completely hilarious and appropriate, but it also shows up when it’s two in the morning and I just want to go back to sleep.  He would instantly fall asleep if I put him in his blanket in my lap but if I put him in his blanket in his crate suddenly he’s WIDE AWAKE and wants to play, which usually entails chasing my feet around and biting my toes, which actually hurts! As an example of the feisty, below is a video of him attacking a mag light.  Apologies for the length and for my horrible voice and laughter.

As you can see, he doesn’t really walk or run anywhere, he hops. This has been a constant since his first movement here at the house. Fortunately he gets more coordinated every day because at first he couldn’t take three steps without falling all over himself. We still have hilarious accidents involving walls, shower doors, sliding glass doors, nor realizing that when he scratches with one leg he really shouldn’t try to walk, and rolling off my shoulder in his sleep, doing a backflip on the way down. The good news is that he seems to be made of rubber and has yet to even wince when he falls or runs into something.

So there’s the puppy update.  We’re madly in love with him, though severely sleep deprived and walking around like zombies, but at least we’re zombies in love with the cutest dog ever.

5 Responses to “The Puppeh Has Landed”

  1. katelin Says:

    oh my goodness he is so cute with his hopping and his littleness, eeeee. love it.

  2. glenda Says:

    Hes so cute,we got a Chihuahua this year and it took me 4 mo to potty train, stubborn little girl but was so worth it her name is apple and she weighs 3 lb, and I carry her in my pocket, I even got a apecial little top just for her what kind of dog is yours

  3. Sally Says:

    Can’t wait to meet him! Maybe I could bring Olivia by some day soon so she can meet him, too?

  4. Alissa Says:

    This just made me laugh so hard! Haha, I love him!

  5. Summer Joyner Says:

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