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Merry Sickmas!

December 29th, 2011 by Kateastrophe

I have been sick for ten days.  TEN DAYS.  It hasn’t been bad enough to knock me completely out, it’s just been one of those things where I’ll think I’m getting better so I’ll go on a walk or run some errands and then next thing I know I’m down for 12 hours or so.  I’ve been to the doctor three times.  THREE.

First time:  “Just a common cold, here have some nasal spray!”

Second time:  “Hmm, still probably just a cold.  Maybe some prescription cough syrup?”

Third time:  “Well, probably a virus but just in case we’ll give you a Z-pac to knock it out if it’s not.”

Well, must be a freaking virus because nothing did the trick.  Insert heavy, more obnoxious than it already is whining HERE.

I swear I’m trying not to be a big, complainy baby here (ok that might not be at all true) but I don’t remember being sick for this long.  EVER.  And this is like, the best I’ve ever had it as far as nurturing an environment of healing.  I’ve had the luxury of being able to stay in bed almost all day every day during this whole thing.  That’s the awesome part about working from home.  No one on the computer knows I’m sick and they’re not going to catch it.  As long as I can make it through a few conference calls, I’m good.  So anyway, I’ve gone to bed early, used a vaporizer, downed enough Sprite and juice to sustain an army, taken every drug known to man, and it just won’t.go.away!  It’s like my immune system was sitting on the couch, watching season 1 of Lost when it got the phone call that it was needed and it kind of shrugged it’s shoulders and went “Eh.  This is a really good show.  I’ll show up when this episode is over”  Then it turned out it was LOST and it was watching it on Netflix and then found out that ALL the seasons were available (!!!) and couldn’t handle any of the cliff hangers and had to watch all six seasons, back to back.  No breaks, no sleeping, no helping a sick girl out for Christmas.  I’m just hoping it likes the ending well enough to GET OVER HERE AND MAKE ME BETTER.

I’m finally (cross my fingers) starting to feel like I’m on the upswing, but we’ll see how it goes when I have my annual birthday party/New Year’s Eve bash on Saturday.  I might just kick it back into action and be sick FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

So um, other than that…Christmas was great.  Matt and I were both spoiled rotten.  I got my much wanted enameled cast iron skillet and the Ray Ban sunglasses (woot!), a ton of awesome kitchen gadgets, a bunch of gift certificates to my favorite stores and a lot of other sweet stuff.  Matt got a super nifty hands free video camera he can mount on his ATV helmet or his Jeep and catch the hilarious moments (aka CRASHES) we always miss when we’re out riding, a really nice G-shock watch, a bunch of tool related things that go in the garage that I don’t understand and some shirts and sports stuff and other boy type things.  I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when we doled out all the presents and I saw the amount that was left under the tree for just us.  Santa was much too kind this year.  I like to think we deserved it.  *wink*

So now all that’s left in 2011 is getting better, cleaning the house (which includes rearranging cupboards in the kitchen to make room for my loot) and putting together the games for the party on Saturday.  My big birthday present is the puppy, who comes home around the middle of January, but I’m still expecting a little somethin’ somethin’ from that husband of mine.  And what I mean by that is some jewelry.  Ha!  The theme of overdoing it might as well continue, right?  Because next year we just might get lucky enough to have a munchkin to spoil, or at the very least a puppy…so we may never get this chance again!  SPOIL ME AWAY, SPOUSE!

I hope you all had fan-freakin-tastic Christmases too, and I also hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year.  I’ll probably be be back before 2011 is over, but just in case I’m not, love and (mask covered) kisses to all!  XOXO

2 Responses to “Merry Sickmas!”

  1. Angela Noelle Says:

    Oh man, I’m so sorry your plague won’t go away! I hope you’re feeling much better for your party. Happy (early) Birthday!!!

  2. glenda Says:

    You guys have a very happy new year —and happy birthday

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